Westone Audio MACH10 In-Ear Monitor

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Experience professional-grade sound with the Westone Audio Mach10 In-Ear Monitor. Specifically engineered for singers, musicians, and audiophiles seeking pristine audio reproduction. Features a single balanced armature driver for full-range frequency response and Westone’s patented ergonomic design for fatigue-free listening. Comes with premium LINUM BaX cable and accessories for the perfect fit and crystal clear sound. Trusted by music artists worldwide.


Westone-Mach10-IEMWestone Audio MACH10 IEM’s – Professional In-ear Musicians’ Monitors

Experience professional-grade audio with the Westone Audio Mach10 In-Ear Monitor. This high-performance in-ear monitor is specially engineered to deliver pristine, balanced sound for singers, musicians, and audiophiles.

With over 35 years of audio innovation, Westone Audio has crafted the Mach10 monitor for superior comfort and exceptional sound quality. The ergonomic low-profile design allows for all-day listening without fatigue.

The Mach10 IEM produces clear treble, smooth powerful bass, and detailed mids for a balanced listening experience. Key features include:

  • Single balanced armature driver for full frequency response
  • Westone’s patented ergonomic design prevents listening fatigue
  • Premium LINUM BaX cable for accurate sound transmission
  • Solid vault case and silicone/foam eartips for perfect fit
  • Ideal for studio mixing, stage monitoring, and critical listening
  • Trusted by pro musicians and audiophiles worldwide

Experience your music collection like never before with the Westone Audio Mach10 In-Ear Monitor. The advanced driver technology and premium accessories deliver pristine audio reproduction across the spectrum.

Your purchase comes with premium accessories

  • LINUM® BaX™ Cable. BaX is a true high-end reference cable consisting of very thin and ultra-strong silver plated copper cable. BaX conveys music with precision and grace, while the lightweight cable disappears on your ear, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
  • Solid storage case. Protect your MACH 10 Monitors from the elements in our custom designed crushproof and watertight mini monitor vault. Also includes five pairs each of Westone Audio’s proprietary foam and silicone tips to ensure the perfect seal with maximum comfort.

Technical Specifications of the MACH10

Here are the key technical specifications for the Westone Audio Mach10 In-Ear Monitor:

  • Driver: Single balanced armature
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 18kHz
  • Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1kHz
  • Impedance: 80 ohms @ 1kHz
  • 1.1m Westone MMCX connector cable
  • 25.4mm x 17.3mm x 28.2mm dimensions
  • 5.3g weight (without cable)

With its single balanced armature driver, the Mach10 delivers a full frequency response from 20Hz to 18kHz. The high 103dB sensitivity ensures efficient power output even from low-powered sources. The ergonomic design houses all the technical components in a lightweight and compact profile for all-day wearing comfort. Download the Technical Specifications sheet (pdf)




Some review notes on the MACH-10

  • Natural tonality, Flat tuning and the details are very clear sounding
  • The bass packs a nice, solid punch and the tuning is very neutral
  • Clear and detailed Mids/vocals. Very natural, and more forward in presentation
  • Treble is clear, detailed, and natural as well – Not too airy or crisp, but has a good definition and plenty of clarity
  • The high level of clarity and good detail retrieval make the MACH10 ideal for those who enjoy non-fatigue flat sound without the need for the micro details
  • The tuning of the MACH10 will make them a great fit for both musicians and sound engineers

A single Westone Mach10 in-ear monitor (IEM) by Westone Audio
Westone Audio MACH10 In-Ear Monitor
Original price was: $584.00.Current price is: $299.00.