Westone Audio AM Pro-X Series

Introducing the Westone Audio AM Pro-X Series, a range of high-quality in-ear monitors designed for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. With over twenty years of experience, Westone Audio revolutionized the way music is performed with the world’s first universal-fit balanced-armature in-ear musicians’ monitors. The AM Pro-X Series continues this legacy, offering exceptional sound quality, comfort, and performance.

Key features of the Westone Audio AM Pro-X Series include:
– Balanced-armature drivers for accurate and detailed sound
– Low-profile, ergonomic design for a comfortable fit
– Proprietary silicone and comfort foam eartips for superior noise isolation
– Ambient Patented Technology for seamless integration of ambient sound with the monitor mix

Designed by and for musicians, the Westone Audio AM Pro-X Series caters to both professional and beginning musicians, as well as music lovers of all genres. Experience the uncompromising performance, comfort, and sound that transcend industry standards with the Westone Audio AM Pro-X Series.

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