Westone Audio MACH80 In-Ear Monitor

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Experience superior audio precision with the Westone Audio MACH80 In-Ear Monitors. Equipped with 8 meticulously tuned balanced armature drivers for outstanding frequency separation and response across a huge 5Hz-22kHz range. The ergonomic design allows comfortable all-day wear on stage while isolating ambient noise. Includes premium Ultrabax cable and accessories for the ultimate in personal audio monitoring trusted by musicians worldwide. Feel the full power of your music with the Westone MACH80.


Hear Every Detail with the Westone Audio MACH80 In-Ear Monitors

For over 50 years, Westone Audio has engineered premium in-ear monitors favored by artists worldwide. The MACH80 IEM represents the pinnacle of Westone’s expertise, with a finely tuned 8-driver system to deliver supreme accuracy on stage and in the studio.

Eight Precisely Calibrated Balanced Armature Drivers

At the core of the MACH80 are eight proprietary balanced armature drivers – consisting of dual low, dual mid, and quad high-frequency drivers. Meticulously tuned by Westone’s engineers, each driver provides pristine sonic rendering across the entire 5Hz-22kHz frequency range.

From the deepest sub-bass rumble to crystal clear vocals to vibrant treble, the MACH80 articulates your music’s nuances with unparalleled realism.

Experience Your Music at Its Best with Westone’s Flagship IEM!

Ergonomic Design for All-Day Comfort

The MACH80 earpieces are crafted using body-temperature Flex Canal tips that mold gently to your ear shape. Along with the lightweight cable, the MACH80 provides fatigue-free monitoring during extended stage shows or long studio sessions.


Westone Audio MACH80 Technical Specifications

  • 3-way passive crossover: This type of crossover divides the audio signal into three frequency bands (low, mid, and high) and sends each band to a separate driver. This helps to ensure that each frequency range is reproduced accurately.
  • Eight balanced-armature drivers: Balanced armature drivers are a type of miniature speaker driver that is often used in IEMs. They are known for their accuracy and clarity.
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz to 22 kHz: This refers to the range of frequencies that the MACH80s can reproduce. A wider frequency response means that the IEMs can reproduce a wider range of sounds, from deep bass to high-pitched treble.
  • Sensitivity: 104 dB @1 kHz: This refers to how loud the MACH80s can get. A higher sensitivity means that the IEMs can be driven by a lower-powered amplifier.
  • Impedance: 66 ohms @1 kHz: This refers to the resistance of the MACH80s. A lower impedance means that the IEMs are easier to drive.
Features of the Westone Audio MACH80 In-Ear Monitors
Features of the Westone Audio MACH80 In-Ear Monitors

Premium Accessories for the Perfect Fit

Every MACH80 includes a rugged carrying case, 5 pairs of foam and silicone eartips, and Westone’s top-tier Ultrabax cable made of ultra-low 0.6 ohm twisted copper wire. Find your ideal fit and hear your music as intended.

When only the most immersive and accurate listening experience will suffice, trust the Westone Audio MACH80 – the culmination of Westone’s relentless pursuit of audio excellence.

  • Linum® Ultrabax™ cable. The Ultrabax cable is a no compromise quad-twisted cable with a super low impedance of .6 ohms. It has been designed to bring out the best in your music without coloring or altering the sound you hear in any way.
  • Solid case for storage. Protect your MACH80 IEM’s from the elements in a crushproof, watertight and dustproof case from pelican™.
  • Foam and silicone tips. Five pairs each of Westone audio’s proprietary foam and silicone tips are included to ensure the perfect seal with maximum comfort.


Premium Westone Audio MACH80 Accessories
Premium Westone Audio MACH80 Accessories


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Close-up detail image of one Westone Audio MACH80 audiophile in-ear monitor
Westone Audio MACH80 In-Ear Monitor
Original price was: $3059.00.Current price is: $1599.00.